Picture to the right shows you the ski tie down bar. Depending on the length of trailer you get one or two bars.

Pictured to the left is a triple axle float on pontoon trailer. You are able to get a float on trailer in a axle, tandem or triple axle. Also, in painted or galvanized.

Pictured to the left is a crank up. Ypou are able to get a crank up trailer in a sinxle or tandem axle. Also, painted or galvinized

Pictured to the right is a painted single PWC trailer and double PWC trailer. You may also get these trailers in galvanized.

Pictured on the right is one of the utility flat bed trailers with ramps extended out.

Pictured to the left is the 20' drive on/off snowmobile trailer with ramp extended out. Drive on/off trailers are available in 10', 14' and 20'

Pictured to the right is the 8' tilt bed trailer in the tilt position.

Wolverine trailers

Lakeside Services is a dealer for Wolverine Trailers. These trailers are made in Michigan. Wolverine specializes in crank up pontoon trailers, float on pontoon trailers, single & double PWC trailers,utility trailers and snowmobile trailers.

Lengths that the pontoon trailers are available in are 18'-32' long. You are able to get painted or galvanized.

Float On Pontoon Trailers include: extra wide winch stand with steps & handrail, 8' long adjustable load guides, 12" chrome rims, 3500# axles,  full size reinforced jeep style fenders and waterproof sealed oval taillights.

Crank Up Pontoon Trailers include: 12" Chrome Rims, 3500# axles, and waterproof sealed oval taillights.

PWC trailers are the fit for any length and make of jet ski. The bunks are adjustable.

Utility Flat Bed Trailers include:  3500# Axle Galvanized tube, 15" chrome rims, deck support cross members on 16" centers,  treated heavy duty lumber, stake pockets with rub rails, recessed oval waterproof taillights, lockable stowed under ramps, side load capability on 10' & longer trailers and an A frame side wind jack with caster wheel. Sizes range from 5 x 8 - 7 x 18.

Snowmobile trailers come in lengths from 8'-20'. We carry drive on/off and tilt bed.

Our drive on/off snowmobile trailers include: 3500# tandem galvanized axles, 15))3 tongue jack, 2 ski tie down bars, 205/65 x 10" load rage "E" radial tires with galvanized rims, LED lighting with BU and side markers license plate light and drive on/off ramp(s) and a 4' front wedge.

Picture to the left shows you side view of the trailer with the ski downs and the  10" "E" Radial tired with galvanized rims.