great lakes lifts & EZ BOAT PORTS

Great Lakes Lifts are available in many different widths and weight capacities. The weight and beam of your boat is key information to finding the perfect lift for you.

The different types of lifts that we sell are vertical, cantilever, pontoon, PWC, hydraulic, and deep water lifts. Our most popular lift is a vertical lift. They are great for any type of boat or pontoon. 

Also, with our boat lifts there are many options for them. Most popular are canopies and power motors. Motors are available in 12V or 110. Canopy frames come in sizes ranging from 20'-30' long. is a great website to see additional pictures and receive more information. We also have a large showroom with a variety of boat lifts, dock sections and marine accessories.

EZ Boatports are another way to get the boat protected and out of the water. They have a variety of models. Packages start at 2000# capacities up to 5000#. Package options include all additional rollers, choice of long or short bunks, and a choice of manual, solar or remote-control pump unit.